Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Happy Birthday Sachin!!!

For April 9th 2008

I always say April is special for me. But this day, is even more special because it is special for the most special person in my life. It's Sachin's birthday.
It seems like we have known each other since ages now. We have reached a level where we just have to look at each other to know what we are thinking. It has been a wonderful journey with you and am hoping it continues till eternity. I just love you the way you are.
And on this special day, of the numerous things I simply adore about you, of the numerous times, I feel proud of you, of the numerous times I feel to be the luckiest person on earth, here are some:
  1. The way you try to take up all the responsibilities on yourself when I am busy at work.
  2. Love it when you know I am tired and make tea for me to surprise…
  3. Adore you when you don’t care about it is a ladies purse in the mall and take it from me so that I can try stuff on…
  4. When you always try hard to understand my problem and try to solve it.
  5. When you come home early when we hang up the phone on an argument.
  6. When you make papad to make things up
  7. When you immediately start worrying when I have a headache
  8. When you always say "Accha lag raha hai" to anything I like in stores.
  9. The way you give in your 100% in whatever you do. May it be making a cup of tea or a big project at work.
  10. Your sense of humor
  11. Your sensibility.
  12. The way you are more concerned about my health than myself.
  13. The way you freak out when I don't put on the safety belt on treadmill
  14. The way you act when you don’t sleep well.
  15. The way you get up early with me on Saturdays…
  16. The passion with which you love cricket, Amir Khan, Daal and Me.
  17. The way you go to every extent for people who matter.
  18. The kind of knowledge you possess from every sphere of life.
  19. The way you sing and of course Dance. I love it!:-*
  20. Your patience.
  21. Proud of your achievements.
  22. The way you sing gibberish when you don’t understand the lyrics of a song. Still remember "Chakdiye"
  23. Your ability to eat anything anytime in any mood. Makes it sooooo easy on me.:)
  24. The way you guide me in personal, professional or athletic matters.
  25. When you are always game for the plans I make.
  26. The way you slide on the foyer, when I come home and you are already there…although I get to see that for only 3 months a year.
  27. The way you switched from Selson Blue Natural to Classic for me.:)
  28. The way you do small things for me in your own special way.
  29. The way you always call me at work and ask if I ate my breakfast.
  30. The way you have helped me become what I am. You have made me a better person and given me all the love care and respect that I deserve and much more. I simply cannot thank God enough to have brought you in my life. On this special day, I wish you all the happiness in this world and our togetherness for life and beyond.
Happy Birthday Betu! Lots and lots of love…
Well, I can go on and on on this. But since 30 holds a special importance on this day of the year, I will stop here, and let some other special people of your life say something to you:


People like you are loved by all.
So, from all of us,
Here are love filled greetings for a Happy Birthday and wishes for the very best of luck and life.
Akash me jitney tare ho
Khushiya utne sare ho
Khushiya itne sare ho
Ki kisi bhi gham ka ehsas na ho


Pehchan Kaun?


Jijs for me is like one person I can always look up to for the answer of my questions. He is the one who guided me to the good part of my life since I know him. If I have to rank the person I really admire in my life he'll come right there after my parents :)

He is a gem of a person with whom you can do all kinds of talks, a full time Entertainer, A super intelligent Human Being, Pretty good singer and a Mind blowing comedian :)
Wishing you a very very happy birthday jijs!


Phoolon ka taaron ka sabka kehna hai….
Hazaar karodon me mere Bhaiya hain….
Saari umar hamein sang rehna hai…..
Wish you thousands of Happy returns of the day….
Keep Smiling

With lots n lots of love & good wishes


Hello Bhaiya many many happy returns of the day.....I hope dis bday brings u more happiness and success. Whenever ur bday comes in my mind it always reminds me the story which mom tell us every now and then about ur classmate in Gwalior i guess....really hilarious one...hope u also remember that. I hope we are meeting in India and we both will win one more Ludo game as u know u r a Ludo champ....aur waise bhi "hari baaji ko jeetana humien ata hai tanananana." once again Happy bday loads of love to world's best bhaiya.



Happy Birthday Choci Chacha


Sachin Chacha - Happy Birthday!!!
Lots of love

Uncle and Aunty:

Janmdin ki bahot bahot shubhkaamnayein aur aashirwaad


Bhatija, Urvashi, Saumya,

A gift for you from Nivaan – he has decided to call his Sachin tauji – Sachin chachu.. .Happy Birthday Sachin Chachu…
Lots of love.

Harsh, Tanu n Vanshika:
Sachin ke janamdin ki de rahe hain sabhi badhai...

Tanvi khushi se jhoom uthi hai and planning kar rahe hai surprise..

Prakriti ne bhi basant ki hai chaadar pehni..

Mano keh rahe hai Sachin tumhare hi leeye cherry blossom ki khushiyaan le aaye

Mile tumhe safalta.. aur khushi saalon saal...

Wish kar rahe hain manao tum apna janamdin isi prakaar barum baar...


Hii Jijs

Wish you many many many many manyyyyyyyyyy


Poonam :

Happy Birthday to someone who deserves a truly happy day!!
Sachiiiiin, Keep as always and do what u do, coz u r just the best!!!!! goodluck!!!
May ur birthday be filled with all the happiness and the most beautiful things in life!!
Looking forward to many more years of fun & friendship..lots of good wishes..


Hi Sachin!

Wish u a Happy Birthday! Being 30 must be a different feeling, crossing the 20s line across. But I know you will always be young at heart;) and spread happiness with your uncomparable sense of humor, and great affection for people around you. Another year to celebrate having a wonderful friend like you because everything u r and everything u do makes u someone very special. Have a very very happy birthday.


Deep - Navodita,

Wishing you a very Happy Birthday!!. Many happy returns of the day. Have a great day and a wonderful year ahead!! Where are we all going for dinner on the 9th?:-)


Dear Mitr, Wish you many many happy returns of the day. May all that you wish for come
true. Safaltaon ki seedhiyon ke aur bade chalo !


Dear Sachin, Wishing you many many happy returns of day. Hope you have great day and year ahead.

Sunil, Mrinalini & Suraj:

Hi Sachin,
Wish you a very happy birthday!

Priya, Gurprit ,Kenny, and Arinder.:

Hi dear Sachin,

With lots of love, we wish you a very!! Happy Birthday!!
Today is your day to celebrate
Your day to be the star
So let the ones you love all cheer
And say how special you are

May this year brings you lots of happiness and joy, May all your wishes come true. Have a Great day and blessed year ahead.
!! Happy Birthday !!

Wish you a very very happy birthday !! I hope destiny brings you happiness and cheerfulness to you like you bring to the group. See my face how cheerful i am just imagining a great get together.

Pooja :

Sachin is so cool and fun to be with. He can always make anyone smile and its simply wonderful having a Friend like him.
I Wish him a Very Happy Birthday and a year filled with Joy and Happiness, and may all his dreams come true.
On a Special note:- Birthdays are nature's way of telling us to eat more cake :
Sachin - Happy Birthday Once again !!!!!!


Sachin Bhai - I have Just one line for you.
"Friends like Sachin are hard to find, difficult to leave and impossible to forget."
Many Many Happy Returns of the day !!


Here are my heartiest wishes for the coolest guy on his birthday. Sachin has to be one of the nicest persons around and he possesses the capability to make things better by his sheer presence and charisma. I admire him for his unflinching devotion and adoration he has for his pyaari-pyaari biwi who, then again, is one in a million. May this birthday bring a lot of happiness, success and love to him and he be forever blessed. Many, many happy returns of this day to you Sachin. God bless.


Hey Sachin!

Wish you Happy Birthday !!!

Birthdays are nature's way of telling you that you have got one more year less to enjoy. So Enjoy and have Fun as much as you can on THE DAY !!!


"Sachin! We have a special previlege to say "Wish You the same" for Our birthdays! ;) Have a Wonderful Birthday"


Herez to 100 years of all forms of warehousing !!


Happy B'day Sachin !!!!!
A birthday is just the first day of another 365-day journey around the sun.
So....Enjoy the trip. :)

Anu :

Hope that for every candle on your cake you get a wonderful surprise.
Wishing u a day soft as silk.....

white as milk.....

sweet as honey & full of money.

may all ur dreams come true....

HAPPY BIRTH DAY SACHIN and Wish u many more....Have a great Time Together.

Hope you have a great day ahead! Happy Birthday to you! Love you!

April 09, 2004

April 09, 2005- Canada

April 09, 2006

April 09, 2007

Hope this year is even better for you and it keeps getting better for you in the years to come!

All the love I have!

Happy Happy Birthday!!!