Monday, November 05, 2007

Too Good or Too Bad???

They say, every good has a bad, and every bad has a good associated with it. Is it really true? Let’s see…

Bad thing, it is getting cold.

Good thing, you get to wear your boots and jackets

Bad thing, I am unable to find my warm shoes I wear at home.

Good thing, I found an old pair, which I can use for the time being.

Bad thing, because of day light saving time , it was almost dark when I get out of the office.

Good thing, we got another hour in the morning to sleep

Bad thing, we cannot figure out how to stop the indoor thermometer to beep when it is below freezing point.

Good thing, we can still push some buttons and make it stop.

Good thing, we watched four movies over the weekend.

Bad thing, one of them was No Smoking

Good thing, after a long time, I reached office on time today.

Bad thing, my boss was not there to see that…

Bad thing, I did not do anything worthwhile in office today,

Good thing….Sabiha gave me a call when she heard that…

Bad thing, I am not able to blog often these days

Good thing, I am writing one today!

Okay, I think it works, and we can definitely find out, something good in bad, we should not do vice versa though…

This weekend of mine, was not so great but was fine! We had some friends over on Friday, we watched “ Jab We Met” and “ No Smoking” back to back!

While Jab We Met was a sweet romantic movie, No Smoking was bizarre.

I really liked Kareena’s acting in Jab We Met. Her character was different yet you can identify a typical hostler Sikhani from Bhatinda in her. I also loved Shahid’s intense role. Songs were good too. Overall, not a non predictable, but a sweet movie! I can give it an 8/10!

Coming to No Smoking, I don’t think it made any sense to me. I am not sure what was the movie trying to accomplish. Did it even have a message? Or the maker was just trying to be different? It was really confusing. After a point of time, I stopped keeping track of what is happening. I don’t know if this is because I dozed off a couple of times in between, or that the movie itself was so confusing. I am not taking the risk of replaying it and trying to get a hold of it. I would just say, Watch it at your own risk. For Paresh Rawal’s acting and John Abraham’s looks, I will give it a 4/10.

The third movie was Spiderman 3! We had not seen it when it was out in theatres. We ordered the DVD as soon as it got released last week. All I would say that if I were to rate all three movies, I would rate Spiderman I the first, III as second and II as third. Although, I wanted to see a bit more than Mary Jane in Spiderman movie…

The weekend also incorporated, some grocery shopping, camera shopping, and a trip to a friend’s friend’s new place…It was more like a mansion than a house though…

Well, another weekend passed by like this….weekends go by so fast, and as I always say, time is flying…Too bad, it goes by fast, .........but the good thing, it is passing by in the company of someone whom I love the most!!! Touch wood!

So, I will sign off now, have fun guys…have a great week ahead!!!

About the pic: Taken from my blackberry pearl; At office; Last week; On Halloween day!!! We had a costume party at work. I could not go and buy a dress but then I just picked this witche's hairband from CVS!!! Too bad I could not get a dress....Good that I had something....Something is better than nothing...Right!!!

This too good too bad is fun actually!!!!


Sachin Sinha said...

Looks like some of my optimism is brushing off on you. Good to see that you are seeing some good in every bad. That is how life is. A mix of White and Black and thus it becomes Gray.

I think I saw so less of No Smoking that I can't even comment. For Jab We Met, best romantic movie of the year, yet.

Finally glad to see you here on Blogger. Now lesser mortals would also get to read your blogs.

Love you the most

Anonymous said...

You made a few excellent points there. I did a search about the topic and almost not found any specific details on other sites, but then great to be here, really, appreciate that.

- Lucas